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Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura is one of Africa`s leading percussionists . A former member of the famous * Ensemble koteba * of ivory coast was born into a family of Griots , highly respected and honored members of this community of musicians and storytellers , keepers of their ancestral traditions and customs , a truth living memory of Africa , Epizo immortalize his culture through his songs , music , dance and legends.
He Father start to teach him how to play an instruments at age of 3 , a few years later he start to going to school where he became a member of school bands soon after their was doing a performance in front of Guinea ex President * Ahamed Sekou Toure * then start first tour in Europe with a music and dance belong to Andre Toure the wife of President.

As a griot he is respected historian , and considers it his responsibility to transmit his oral ancestral traditions through music : the drum , dance and chants . Epizo has toured world-wise , bringing his inspiration teachings to many culture through master classes

To chronicle the musical story of Abdoulaye we must start in 80s when he move from Guinea to Ivory coast than Paris ( France ) working with various bands such as Mory Kante , Salif Keita , Doudou N`diaye Rose , Kassamady Diabate , Sekouba Babino Diabate and etc , as well as teaching dance and percussion classes . he formed the first version of " African express "
at this time : a band combining elements of traditional and contemporary styles of music , in his song Epizo mixes the past with the present-the lends of the old empire with today`s social realities.
His music shows remarkable use of fable and allegory , as well as refence to the old values of country to the old values ,family , wife , child , work etc. Many of his texts talk of very concrete and current problem with an awareness that African is short on today.

Epizo continues * in early 90s moved to United State to perform with several Jazz musicians and groups such as . Don Pollen , Abdoulaye Ibrahim ( Dollar Brand ) , Ed Blakwell , Mark Helias , Jane Cortez , Papa Ladji Camara and Regina Carter.
And he performed regularly with African Express in New York City where i founded the * Fareta Drum and Dance School

96 moved to Australia after previously tour there on two occasions he formed an version of African Express .
A multiple award winning musician and true multi-instrumentalist Epizo play not only the traditional Djembe (percussion )of his native Guinea but all percussion , including the western Drum kit ,Congas , Piano , Guitar , Balafon ( african xylophone )Kora , Goni ( African Guitar ) ,Doun-douns , Sangban , Kenkeni , Bass , Gongoma and etc.

With a strong belief that rhythm and dance go together Epizo has performed with a severals dance company in Guinea , France and USA and receiving critical acclaim for his clever mastery rhythm and rare dexterity.